In issue 30:

Gregory Morris – Two Pistols for the Low Road (from Live)


Mourning War – Track 3 (from Live at Rudyard Kipling’s)

     “these lights are remembering”

Readymaid – Tough as Nails (from Live at Cody’s Cafe 8.30.2002)

     “only to find out”

Ruby Vileos – Perfidious (from The King Is Dead)

     “I never thought that you’d be getting out of this place”

The Spectacular Fantastic – The Popular Sound (from s/t)

     “the fire is hot but it’s burnin cold”

Jake Speed and the Freddies – Hard Times in Cincinnati (from Queen City Rag)

     “a Black boy shot from behind”

The Stapletons – East County Jailhouse (from Spirit of ’76)

     “if you sometimes break down in the mornin”

The Sundresses – Us, Asshole (from The Only Tourist in Town)

     “whoa no oh no”