The Brasilia Review (est. 2013) is published from Brasília, DF, Brasil by a writer from Kentucky. It is a literary journal. It’s into science, anthropology, and open source, and comes out monthly.

You can contact us at editor _at_ brasiliareview _dot_ org.

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Dan Souder
Author of Sweet Bread (free download or $10 in print), San Tropez (Frontier Publishing), and A Guide to the Comic Book Business (Blue Line). He’s penned nine novels, done ten years of technical writing, translated classic poems, and written independent press articles, screenplays, and comic books. He’s composed, recorded, and performed original music, and made short films.


Nayrb Wasylycia
Winner of a national AIGA design award.


Cover Art
Nayrb Wasylycia – Issues 1-13
The NASA photo archive – more recently



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