The Brasilia Review was founded in Brasília, DF, Brasil in 2013. We published there through 2017 until moving to the Bay Area, California in 2018.

We love Portuguese, but this is an English-language review. We seek writers from all over the world.

The review has a literary bent. Its focus is poetry, flash fiction, and flash non-fiction. It is thrice-yearly with new issues appearing every March, July, and November.

You can contact us at editor _at_ brasiliareview _dot_ org.

Thank you for reading.


Dan Souder
Author of Sweet Bread (Smashwords), There Are No Tropes in San Tropez (Frontier Publishing), and A Guide to the Comic Book Business (Blue Line).


Nayrb Wasylycia
Winner of a 2013 national AIGA design award.


Cover Artists
Guy Benjamin Brookshire
Issues 14 – 19

Ingrid Thurler
Issue 10

Nayrb Wasylycia
Issues 1-9, 11-13