Mourning War

Track 3

A sextet from Louisville Ky formed when a singer-songwriter duo merged with a gigging basement roots band that had a fine songwriter of its own. None were older than 25, that goes for most everything herein. Hashtag feels bad is still a means by which to make the nights as awful as the days. There went each erudite member of a mob focused on its own survival. Every moment was somebody’s big night out. Dudes show up from places off the map and start hacking at the lawn, that is, where a fellow who had made pertinent decisions once had lived. It is unnecessary to overlook anything. The drummer drops the beat but the singers aren’t ready to trail off. They propel it to another couple trills around the Rhodes. The crowd feels it and it shuts up for a while. Harmonies persist in all conditions.

Every bit of who we are will have another turn.