Ruby Vileos


Allie fronted this duo with Ass Ponys guitarist Billy. Maybe love was caustic cause this band didn’t make it past two albums. It’s not our business, at the same time we can be certain of our want to know. This is city music for a knowledge-seeking species. This runs by you in a newer, cleaner subway car. The band became a four-piece for its live shows with variations of personae tending sometimes toward aloof. They had a New York sensibility, played tightly from day one. They weren’t the type the assertive streetfolk followed til you gave them money. Ruby Vileos were from a glossy city magazine imported to the river valley by a cognoscenti so assured that they communicated from the stage and from no other. They couldn’t settle for the room, they had to have the suite. They had looks and chops may have felt their thrum was meant for other places. Once in a while what may have been a tether took a nap and turned to string, and the floating outer sphere of what they made together touched the ground. When you can wail such that the sound comes back to you, it will, you will.

Billy became the touring guitarist on the Hedwig musical.