The Spectacular Fantastic

The Popular Sound

With his first EP roots-pop singer-songwriter Mike was chosen as a finalist for the prize of studio time given yearly to a local band by radio station WOXY. Mike had a band for live shows but played every instrument himself on his albums. His gift for riffs and singalongs belied a stash of drugs one might expect but which he did not do. His circle were splenetic and saved outside the city where most but for the middle of the pollutant-trapping river valley behaved as though it were the 1950’s still. The Spectacular Fantastic was one of the many bands whose favorite band was GBV and this came out when he turned the mics on. He could tap into the realm of brand new people where disparate realities converge. Lao Tse is as right today as he was way back when. This has done a lot of good in a place of seven billion egos given over to minute competition.

The editor of this publication was second guitarist in this band for one awesome summer.