In issue 30:

Ass Ponys – Last Night It Snowed (from Lohio)

     “so live and learn”

The Autumn Blackouts – She Tries to Be Straight (from s/t)

     “all your emotions get in my way”

Cameron Martin Cochran – Firemusic (from Diary, a Days)

     “the people were as colorful as a firefight”

Color Test – Castle (from Datawaslost one.two.three)

     “in your head / in your heart”

The Experience – 1863 (from Ignite the Fight)

     “when you get dizzy just turn around”

Giant Judys – Hello (from s/t)

     “all you said was just one word”

Johnnytwentythree – Procession (from Thirty Pieces of Silver)


Mallory – Bildungsroman (from The First One Hundred Years)

     “good goddamn”