Color Test


The Elephant 6 collective named Color Test an affiliated band. This was on the strength of two singles, all they ever released! For a local band to be included with Apples and NMH made all the mentorless males feel their scene was part of It. How that carries on the service shift. The solo transportation with a ticket showing an approaching day had a rail platform to skip a skinny butt on down to. There were people from the movies there when screwit was the order of the day. Quoting something popular made the ladies laugh. There arose a meaning in this Babylon. No ever-changing stage walked out on made ’em feel what they had an overload of already.

Every street block in this reverie had a band like this two-guitar rock combo with a trombone calmly braying counter melodies. The drums are all the way laid. Each guy gets a solo and they join us to the revolutionary gods. One has scales and one is barred.