A quartet of young musicians. At shows they all wore black and did not speak. The violinist was a young blond woman. Twenty years later that’s a detail that sticks out. The sounds of gearing coming through those mesh crate speakers made the flora grow. But it made the malls grow too. Somewhere one could go into in Vancouver when the Death Valley heatwave hit. Metropolitan areas end up lasting about as long as this band’s name. Performed live, their songs stretched to fifteen minutes of enraged forgetfulness. Ambulation in a groove was form in levitation. Being went to hang out somewhere else a waking while. Men and women other than us reached the stratosphere. It was still a place. They did it for a lot of crap, one of which is us. Hammer blows, plier blows, wrench blows, power saws and drills blows, socket blows, sanding blocks, rivet drivers, and the gasket glue. For someone’s sake do not forget the O-ring gasket glue.