The Experience


A bedroom duo that only played a couple shows. They had something that was real to them that perhaps the scene contorted. Such would be capricious to label. The duo found out where life had happened to them, through the cords. They had their own sense of what was funny. One asking the other should we do it and then doing it with a guitar and what else was within reach was how they got stuff done. They had a cuppa Joe for breakfast, smoked tobacco through a filter for their lunch. They had the surety of robot easels but ofc they must have sought this. They hoped that disappointment would come out in ways other than their CD releases. They needed to be a part of things, and they were so by the doing. It did not cast itself into things for others. It was for the troops who knew that they were of the people. The band put out like four albums to some word of mouth acclaim before reverberating elsewhere.

The singer played a homeless character in homemade videos.