ISSUE 4 – January 2014

Welcome to the fourth issue of The Brasilia Review (est. 2013). We’re pleased that one of our finest contemporary poets, Christopher Schaeffer, is appearing in our webpages again. And we’re proud to feature Silvia Angulo’s barbaric yawp, Josh MacLeod’s reconstructed history, and Sanbud Tehrani’s varied days.

In the Fiction dept. Abdulaziz Abdurhman melds wistfulness and longing, Royee Zvi Atadgy simply tells a great story, and India Renee casts aside two friends for love.

Designer Nayrb Wasylycia’s creation is split by the insecurity of home, while your editor discusses the great Doris Lessing’s life as an expat.

The Brasilia Review is a house of brick in the face of wolfish weather.



Depression and Joy by Abdulaziz Abdurhman

    “our neighbors sat into their windows listening to our singing”

Foreign Correspondence by Royee Zvi Atadgy

    “she loved to see herself all naked-foggy and illusion-like”

Loyalty Lies by India Renee

    “Most of all I never want you to do me the way I just did him.”



Lessing the Ex-Patriot by Dan Souder

    “A great human emotion is the feeling when one’s foreignness slips away.”



I Am Created in the Image of a Star by Silvia Angulo

    “I am a smaller but equally puissant replica”

What We Saw #1: Flight by Josh MacLeod

    “we who are about to die / inside salute you”

An Ordinall IX: A Pharmacy for the Common Man (1592) by Christopher Schaeffer

    “I won’t watch the shows bro”

Something to Take the Edge Off by Sanbud Tehrani

    “some tightropes you find out are too short only mid-cross”