ISSUE 14 – March 2016

It’s issue 14 of The Brasilia Review. We are pleased to welcome new cover artist Guy Benjamin Brookshire to the review. Guy is a phenomenal artist. Hit the Back button to take another look at that cover, and see his blog on our About page. Wow!

Brockbank: Notice how intelligent prose can skate along, ignoring convention, resonating canonically.

Haynes: Check how it builds to that ending couplet. Elizabethan!

Johnston: Our first whiskey review is a masterpiece of punchy, funny, authoritative prose.

Mattie: Contains a textbook example of a Bloomian trope. Marvelous.

Peterson: Pulls concise, fine imagery from the present setting to spark unease for the future.

Renee: How you get down the unable-to-be-thought, originally.

Sakshi: Its form allows a plumbing of its theme more deeply than a simple presentation.

T.S.A.D.: The anxiety of influence reacts jubilantly. Perfect, gnostically.


Our next issue will be in July 2016. Submissions are open!



irreversible time by Steve Brockbank

         “On the third day he visits his parents in their Roman villa just off the Via Vacuna, they ask him how long he is staying…”

Describe the color red to a blind woman by B. Chris Renee

         “It is the volume of your voice hitting heaven’s gates when you beg to let it go.”



Hell-Cat Maggie Irish Whiskey by Joseph Johnston

        “It smells like a little bit like a hangover and a lot bit like an ad agency.”



The Obstinate Editor Yields, with Grace by R.W. Haynes

        “If stupid, doltish neighbors must upstage / Reflection”

Snow Birds by Heidi Mattie

        “we only live here / in the coolest part of the year”

when we speak by Jacob Levi Peterson

        “pulling emotion from the descriptions you turn loose”

stranger by Sakshi

        “i crave you, you crave me [baby]”

Sonnet to Philip K. Dick by T.S.A.D.

        “Kandinskies, all that stuff, / flew flashing past my eyes”