Snow Birds by Heidi Mattie

It is 102 degrees outside
here in Phoenix, Arizona
but we don’t have to deal
with the weather outside
we are inside
insulated by air conditioning
enjoying polite conversation
sometimes we take a dip in the pool
and have lunch in the shade of the patio
also the mall is pleasant
the chill of retail
is both therapy and sanctuary
besides we only live here
in the coolest part of the year

when it gets so hot
that we can’t walk to the car without sweating
we fly to Montana
where the weather is perfect in the spring
not too hot
not too cold
and if the weather is not to our liking
we can just stay in
our home is, of course
perfectly temperature controled

we move across the country twice a year
to avoid the ache of the noon day sun
and the freezing sting of a Montana winter
so why on earth
would you expect us
to endure
the saga of uncomfortable
that is our daughter

we don’t want to see her sickness
we don’t want to deal with her symptoms
we refuse to sweat
we refuse to shiver
we can’t watch
our daughter suffer
it makes us uncomfortable
and we only go to Montana
after the thaw.