Sonnet to Philip K. Dick by T.S.A.D.

Yeesh! One more Exegesis, and I’m done.
Long years, freakin’ out atop Asklepieion
which taught me what? Oh, I don’t know. Enough.

Since after all, have I not dreamed in Greek

repeatedly? Kandinskies, all that stuff,
flew flashing past my eyes. ‘Cause when the sun
caught on a golden fish, I came undone
with what I learned: enough, but not enough.

For after all, do I not dream in Greek?

Come haunt me in a language I can speak!
Hey Time, what’s on the vast magnetic tape
unwinding here? I see a feeble creek
that meets a basin where parched rivers leak
and pool: but in what… in what latent shape?