ISSUE 28 – November 2020

Welcome to issue 28, occurring in a dual Schrödinger state the same as twenty years ago, the tiresome necessary counting of the votes, and the madness of the disruptors around it. An open source app on every phone would have the country’s vote already.

Update: willful ignorance defeated.



circus Afternoon, in brief… by Stephen Brockbank

     “And suddenly there was structure”

Carla by Dominic Dayta

     “over the rising cavity on the pillow”



Of the Whistleblower Assange by Dan Souder

     “It’s feudal fighting physics”



Under a Mexican Sky by Lidia Chiarelli

     “of your tahuana skirt”

Two Poems by Matthew James Friday

     “This message carried in a rare phenomenon”

After the Fish Market by John C. Mannone

     “the full incarnadine gills”

You flip this jacket by Simon Perchik

     “when this hillside was an avalanche”

In the Restaurant by J.R. Solonche

     “Were it not for the dog”

Golden Palaces in the Sky by John Tustin

     “the beauty of a country fiddle”