ISSUE 27 – July 2020


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Here are twenty-two pieces by sixteen talented writers — the biggest Brasilia Review in our seven-year run. In case you find yourself with time to fill, sitting at home, reliving the likely inaccurate memories of better days, sprain your brain on this:



Hotel in New York by Stephen Brockbank

     “nobody pays during a riot”

Armadillo by Robin Wyatt Dunn

     “the barn willows blew past up above the eaves”

Conscious, Carolina by Zach Murphy

     “within the ghost town of a dream”

Scenes from a life by Ian C. Smith

     “coiling thickly from his shifting heart”



Spine by Sheikha A.

     “active veins of Betelguese”

Of Previous Births by Sayan Aich Bhowmik

     “our ceiling opens up”

Trying to Sing After a Year of Silence by Ace Boggess

     “feel without forced expressions”

No Art without Startle by Yuan Changming

     “No glove without love”

Three Poems by Matthew James Friday

     “dogs hungry with / confusion”

Two Poems by Howie Good

     “evolved hallucinations”

Legend of the body by Lali Tsipi Michaeli

     “like Butoh dancers”

Two Poems by Simon Perchik

     “in a pillow filled with mountains”

The spectator by Fabrice Poussin

     “the brilliance of her golden birth”

Two Poems by Xe M. Sánchez

     “apocalyptic sun”

Two Poems by J.R. Solonche

     “dark pink in the middle”

Rough Boy by John Tustin

     “the fiftieth casual indignation”