The Legion of Demons by Charley Foster

The legion of demons come and go
snapping photographs and asking endless questions
before they leave and go back to their cigarettes
like a genie that fades away once its work is done
That is what Life is all about after all
One minute you can be drinking a cup of tea
the next minute you’re in a formaldehyde jar
on a serial killer’s shelf amused by the startled
and shocked expressions of your friends
I fold my beautiful arms and say: Bring it
This is what us goth girls live and die for
You know how to be unloved and how to be alone
wearing Marlene Dietrich slacks
looking like some chick from the Weimar Republic
Her despair reeks of red wine
Her whole story stinking of booze and sour stomach
Her ambition was to do abortions or to get involved
in a bloody revolution so everybody would talk about her
maybe get a WAR CRIMINAL tattoo



Charley Foster is an English poet.