ISSUE 17 – March 2017

Welcome to the 17th issue of The Brasilia Review.

Our cover as always is by the talented Guy Benjamin Brookshire. He has begun a wonderful new project, a podcast, a sort of sound-designed audiobook hybrid. It is unique among its colleagues. It tells the story of an imaginary world with thoughtful, sometimes disturbing allusions to our own. Each episode is headed with a new piece of GBB art. Check it out, The Republic of Sin.

Erstwhile here is some fine reading.



Rivers of Norfolk: River Thurne by Tor Falcon

     ” …if you keep your dykes full, all the blessings of the natural world will be yours.”



The Magistrates by Peter McCann Ashton

     “a native of mauritius we are told until / his investments all went south”

Faustus and Helen by Grace Babcock

     “Just to fill his eyes / With someone”

Romance by Natalie Crick

     “Soft little bloody mouths”

The Legion of Demons by Charley Foster

     “I fold my beautiful arms and say: Bring it”

Carefully Cutting; The Goat Knows by Matthew James Friday

     “its legs speak of living / stubbornly sticking out into the gutter”

Ufos Pretend America Is Good and Clean; Sickly Yoga Dumpster Called Humanity by J.E. Gibbs

     “for the machine is sickly”

|| Airbags || by Jacob L. Peterson

     “antibiotics scattered across the back seat”

Flag Girl by Eliana Rebecca Wong

     “And then I saw you, shrouded in evergreen,”