Defining Moment by Courtney Turley

There was a moment
In the changing room of an overly expensive ski shop
With your wet, tired body shaking from fatigue and cold
That I sat on the floor to peel off your shoes and socks
Rubbed the dirt from your feet to clean them
So that you would not have to move one muscle you did not need to.
Your sigh of “You’re the best” and the weight of your foot in my hand stopped my breath for a moment
I realized in that moment that all the words that pour out of me
All of the little things I do to show you I love you
None of them can compare to our time on this mountain
There were none more powerful than the bond we forged
As you challenged the mountain and came back victorious
As my love and concern met you every step possible
To encourage you, keep you warm, protect you and keep you moving forward.
This was our defining moment
In a dressing room with me seated on the floor
Rubbing my love into your exhausted limbs
Warming them with my hands and my pride in you.
Where “you’re the best”
Was followed by “I love the shit outta you and I can’t imagine not being here for you today.”
Which was followed by the unexpected “I love you too”…



Courtney is a single mom and avid lover of words. She’s also a firm believer that dancing in the rain, the cold side of the pillow and poetry bring peace and happiness. She has been actively writing for over 15 years, always looking for new inspiration in the world around her.