ISSUE 16 – November 2016

Hello and welcome to the new issue of The Brasilia Review. We are now on Twitter. Join us via our editor @DanSouder_. Alla y’all.

In this issue, Stephen Brockbank continues to show he’s one of the best contemporary experimental writers. Justin Fenech pens a gripping mise-en-scène, part travelogue, part drama. Bethany Mangle wrings emotion from memory. And Jupiter Reed finds a martyr carrying on.

In our Poetry section, Matthew James Friday turns his penetrating eye to ceremony. Londzo’s kinetic prose defines a piece of life. Lucy Ryan sees a microcosm in a campfire. And Courtney Turley breaks our hearts with what we have in common.

Cover artist Guy Benjamin Brookshire crushes it again. Visit his site asap.

The next issue will be March 2017 and submissions are open. Thank you.



I Remember by Stephen Brockbank

     “they were about to fall round the circumference of the earth”

A Couple and a City by Justin Fenech

     “I should make a clean break and stay here.”

Mother by Bethany Mangle

     “brow slick with the sweat of her labor, body marred by giving life”

chaos theory by Jupiter Reed

     “fifty holes in my socks from all the mice kisses”



Trashy Wedding by Matthew James Friday

     “a hundred or so lime-green wishes / of everlasting love”

Close to Joy by Londzo

     “Man, I wanna be a mighty legacy.”

burning clothes in a backyard by Lucy Ryan

     “three boys spilling language”

Defining Moment by Courtney Turley

     “As my love and concern met you every step possible”