Against the Glass by Sanbud Tehrani

5:15 AM, I miss you

the boat won’t leave for hours but it’ll never be that time again

piles of damp little burned plazas brought up his bile

Followed through town cars and holy brothel prisons

Cheerfulness pulls me in the direction of inanimate panic



a paper flowing against the, greedily dressed in drill

A woman was still asleep, soil gone from teeth crocodile

somebody, a piece of land, dotted grins widen the cold eternity of a child


strangers expect to see someone stupid

but they shot him weeks ago




Sanbud Tehrani is a young Persian American poet based in Southern California with a taste for surrealist automatism. He has composed and released two compilations of his poems thus far and is the lazy vice president of a local Orange County poetry club. His most treasured writers are Graham Greene and Thomas Hardy.