ISSUE 11 – March 2015

Welcome to the 11th issue of The Brasilia Review. We have some fine authors for you in this edition. Thank you for reading.



Is That Pain, Desire or Pleasure ? by Steve Brockbank

     “…the pleasure burnt itself out, extinguished in the face of the day.”

Floyd and Meredith Forever by Dominic Dayta

     “Loneliness was like air – it reached the small spaces in his bookshelf, in every room, and every corner, and it trailed behind him when he passed through doors.”

Wind Chill Warning by John Tavares

     “Briefly, as she travelled lightly across the ice and snow, she felt exhilarated.”



Poems by R.W. Haynes

     “we must move on / To seek some new neurotic adventure”

Against the Glass by Sanbud Tehrani

     “the boat won’t leave for hours but it’ll never be that time again”

Camera Obscura by Ting Wei Tai

     “Digital aging corrupts”

Something There Is That Has Somewhere to Go by Matthew Woodman

     “We sweated the scales and shouldered the scutes”