Who Am I by Daniel Lee

I will offer help to those who do not ask for it. I will love a person who does not deserve it.

I will do a favor but never call in a marker. I will earn my fortune with my own sweat and my own talent. I will do a day’s work for a day’s pay. No more, no less. I will bleed when I am cut but I will not cry out. I will defend myself but never attack. I will create but not destroy, even though both are in my nature. I will face up to my mistakes even though both frighten me.

I am a principled being.

I believe self-service is a right, not a privilege. I believe there is no shame in exploring desires. I live for the times when I have lovers. I live for the caress, for the scent of her hair, the warmth of her body, the taste on her tongue. I drown in her eyes and my heart races when she smiles at me. Her laughter is celestial music in my heart. The rhythm of our bodies is hypnotic. The scent of jasmine on her body intoxicates me. We do not f…. We make love.

I am a sensual being.

I like dirty jokes. I enjoy a well-timed prank. I run through the forest, leaping and climbing like a wood sprite. I can play with big boy’s toys or park on the rug and play with toy soldiers. I can see humor in everything and I am not afraid to laugh, even when it is ill-timed. I love to pretend. I am imaginative. I am competitive yet I do not need to keep score.

I am a playful being.

I am hurt by the lies told to us by the powers that be. I feel impotent to stop the violence and corruption that is so much a part of our lives. I wish for peace in a world that has shown me a lifetime of war. I feel privileged to live in this country and have so much but I feel guilty while most of the world has less than me. I feel duped by the people I vote for and stupid for believing their promises yet again. I am furious at a government that finds it more important to look after the state of the dollar than the state of the country from which it comes. I feel disgust for the people who live under a shield of freedom but in their ignorance have the audacity to question the way in which that shield is provided. I do not respect politicians. I merely tolerate them.

I am a political being.

I walk through a garden with arms spread wide, drinking in the smell of pollen on the wind. I feel the life in my veins flow. I watch the flowers turn to the sun for warmth. I see their colors as a way to express themselves in countless ways, each one original. I love the feel of grass under my toes. I climb the trees and listen to their thoughts. I feel the dynamics of their life flooding my senses, threatening to overwhelm me. I watch the sunset over the ocean and fall in love with the paint brush of God every time. I see Mother Ocean as a home from which I am forever banished. I feel its pull. I am lured to walk its beaches and stare across the waves, doomed to forever dream about what once was.

I am a natural being.

I feel melodies in my soul. I find myself bursting into song. Tunes swim in the whirlpool of my mind at the most annoying times. I love music of almost every kind. I am not tied down to a style or sound. I dance when I am alone. I flail my arms around wildly and jump up and down, singing and make-believing. I am a rock star or a blues man. I hear the music of the Universe where others may not know of its existence.

I am a musical being.

I feel things in my own way. I feel things for myself. I know things without proof. I understand things without experience. I sense danger. I sense pain. I sense love. I see my world as a collection of beliefs, as substantial as mist, as real as a dream.

I am a perceptual being.

I know right from wrong. I know where I am going. I know what my life holds. I know when to walk and when to run. I know I must walk before I can fly. I cannot fly into flying. I know when to talk and when to listen. I have wisdom beyond my years.

I am a wise being.

I know how much I do not know.

I am an ignorant being.

I stand under a starry sky and reach my hands to the heavens and yearn to know them. I stand on a mountain top and leap from peak to peak. I fly through the clouds and feel the joy of the birds. I lie in the grassy fields and feel the honeyed sun on my face. I take risks and revel in the adrenaline. I live a thousand lives in the worlds that I create, sometimes the hero, sometimes the victim.

I am an adventurous being.

I am sickened by cruelty. To hurt a child is abhorrent to me. To take revenge is unfamiliar. For all the people in the world who do wrong and cause suffering of any kind I cannot feel a measure of hate. I hate no one. I try to love everyone.

I am a compassionate being.

I am a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. My energy comes from without and within. I need no religion to know my nature. It is plain for me to see. Others search for God in the distance, as separate from the world of man. I see that I am as separate from God as my hand is from my arm. I am God, finite and infinite, Alfa and Omega, a limb on the tree of life, forever branching, forever growing, and forever living.

I am a spiritual being.

I watch the world go by with a hint of ambiguity. There is little to surprise me anymore. I remember the days of my childhood and although they were filled with tears, loneliness and anger, they were filled with innocence. Still I yearn for them. I live for the day when I am a father so I can live vicariously through my children. I love the laughter of a child as I love the sunshine or the Spring breeze that carries the promises of Summer. I love to let go of the world and laugh at the ridiculous, play at the moronic. I love fart jokes and watching cartoons. I love mindless games and sweet things for dessert. I love a mother’s hugs and a father’s company and guidance. I am a man yet I am a boy.

I am a childish being.

I have lived many lives and may live many more. I will always exist and always grow. My soul resides in a dimension where time is simply a matter of perception.

I am a timeless being.

I love my life yet sometimes I fear it. I love my family. I hope for the best where others expect the worst. I feel the life flowing through everything and everyone. I am alive.

I am a living being.

I see into the spiritual realms. I hear the softly spoken wisdom of my spirit guides. I visit with dead relatives and converse with ghosts. I feel the emotion of other people. I am empathic. I know the future in many cases. I am precognitive. I sense things from a single touch. I am psychometric. I see and feel the vital energy of every living thing and I am addicted.

I am a clairvoyant being.

I am a brother, a son, a friend, an enemy. I am a lover, a Samaritan and a warrior.

I am an artist and a scholar. I am a healer and a teacher and a creator. I have talent and purpose, skill and direction. I am temperate and patient. I am irate and impatient. I am simplistic and confusing. I am realistic and contradictory. I question everything and answer nothing. I am trapped behind the veil through which I can peek. I see the worlds beyond and understand them as a fish understands the desert.

I am a human being.