The Lady and the Dove by Andrew Wells

The cottage knows a garden path,

Primroses out in bloom,

It’s heard the songs of many birds

And built their tomb.


A lady walked along the path

And met a mourning dove,

With winter in his eyes he cried:

“I have lost love.”


They stood a little way apart,

A silence there between them,

And all those walking by would mutter:

“Has the cottage seen them?”


“Make a circle in the air,”

She said a short while after,

“Until one calls to you: ‘I’m here!

With tears and laughter.’”




Andrew Wells, born 20th November 1996, currently lives in East Horsley where he edits the online Nine Literary Magazine. His work has been featured in many magazines, including Side Dish Magazine, Art and Earth, and Poetry Invitational. In December 2013 he published a short collection Purple Night which has received very positive reviews.