If I would die tomorrow! by Álvares de Azevedo

If I would die tomorrow, I would see at least
My grieving sister would come close my eyes;
My mother would perish from the longing
     If I would die tomorrow!

What glories I foresee in my future!
That new dawn of power and that mid-morning!
I would lose in tears those rewards
     If I would die tomorrow!

What sun! what blue sky! what a tranquil dawn
Awakens with its crazy nature!
It would not batter me with all this love inside my breast
     If I would die tomorrow!

But this pain of life that devours
The agony from glory, the aching diligence…
The sorrow in my breast would fall mute
     If I would die tomorrow!



Manuel Antônio Álvares de Azevedo (1831-1852) was a Romantic poet, short story writer, playwright and essayist.