Editorial Against the War

Stop the war.

Ukrainians need our support. In the left’s view of the invasion, Vlad Poutine is a rational actor. What he’s doing is a horror but there’s the hope of reason in this POV. In the right’s view he is bent on conquest. Wanting all the former puppet states back is irrational. The irrational wear lenses that are foggy, scuffed, scratched, and the wrong prescription strength besides. The irrational deny this. “These are the lenses of dead people that I like,” the Vladman says bumping hard into a submarine propeller, because his depth perception’s shot, as he inspects a secret factory. Then he covers his war crimes in gravy for the mononews back home.

Garry Kasparov’s description of the President for Life and his cabinet as a mafia seems correct. Kasparov’s five-point plan seems sound. The maestro is rather hawkish though. He cannot say for sure that Vlad will impale more countries after this.

Vlad P’s rhetoric should see US conservatives economically sanctioned for starting this threat-posturing asinine way of speaking for a head of state. When he uses nouns without articles, it sounds real tough!

One implication of this ongoing tragedy is a no tolerance policy for any missiles fired into any population center. Including hard questions about missiles from Israel into Palestine and from Palestine into Israel. There must be equal shock and outrage. Equality for shock and outrage! Viva the only movement not fueled by Bernaysian propaganda, peace!

The lesson of Vietnam is follow the money. If Booz Allen’s stock goes up, you know that something in the world has gone wrong. Arthur Miller wants to have a conversation about war profiteers the way the people of this country used to.

Biden pulled the troops out of Afghanistan, which was correct, but then he signed an eye-popping defense budget. All that money gotta go some ways to travel back into some good ol pockets. The pattern here suggests the left’s view is correct.

But root causes can be argued over later. Ukrainians are suffering in appalling gruesome ways. If the immediate way to peace is to let the Cagney villain replace Ukraine’s government with some smudged angelic faces, then he should do that. It’s not right, none of war is right, and lives must be put first. But Ukrainians want to fight for their country. They believe they have no choice and in their right to make it. No one can impede them. Every adult male in the country is conscripted. Women and children sleep in subway cars. Elderly grandmasters stand with shotguns defending roadblocks through the night. Maybe Ukrainians have to fight now because they can’t tolerate these missiles again later. Maybe they will go unto the death.

At the same time KingVlad is hopped up on human growth hormone and is pumping iron with testosterone-replacement therapy injections. This makes a man a mite aggressive. Marvel at this specimen whom Adam Curtis calls a nihilist. Vladius just shelled a public nuke site, an operational one! Russian artillerymen didn’t pierce the radioactive core this time. They just wanted us to praise their marksmanship. Well good shootin Tex!

The demagogue will stop when everybody submits to his judo throw, but the left says he will stop. In the right’s conception there must be an ashpile, either of Eastern Europe or of Russia, and definitely of Ukraine.

It seems the theory that the Flexosaurus has new markets for his oil, in the world’s two most populous countries, overlooks that only seven banks have been excluded from the fair and ethical Western banking system. Lots of Russian banks still have their euros, we speculate with certainty. So business as usual. And if the world does develop two rival separate economic systems, which one will prevail? I can’t wait to lose either way!

Assange is still dying in a cell no bigger than a chimney, guv, still untried and unconvicted.

The Duma dgaf. GladVlad’s mafia: “Check out our borders to the east baby. Exemplars of morality got our back. New economics in the house.”

One-third to one-half of Russian people including its top grandmasters: “Stop the war.”

Vlad Khan: “You’re under arrest.”

Ukrainian people: “Stop the war.” World’s people: “Stop the war.”

There are Brazilian diplomats still in Kyiv as of this writing. Diplomats often travel with their families. We wish them safety. Their work is crucial.