Shakespeare by Machado de Assis

When she speaks, it appears
That the voice of the wind falls silent;
Perhaps an angel becomes mute
When she speaks.

My dolorous heart
Exhales its bruises.
And it returns to lost delight
When she speaks.

If I could eternally,
By her side, listen to her,
Hear her innocent soul
When she speaks.

My soul, already moribund,
Will get to raise her up to heaven,
Because heaven opens a door
When she speaks.



Quando ella falla, parece
Que a voz da briza se cala;
Talvez um anjo emmudece
Quando ella falla.

Meu coração dolorido
As suas mágoas exhala.
E volta ao gozo perdido
Quando ella falla.

Pudeste eu eternamente,
Ao lado d’ella, escutal-a,
Ouvir sua alma innocente
Quando ella falla.

Minh’alma, já semi-morta,
Conseguíra ao céu alçal-a,
Porque o céu abre uma porta
Quando ella falla.



Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis (1839-1908) was a poet, playwright, and novelist. He is considered the father of Brazilian literature.