ISSUE 3 – November 2013

Hey! Our designer, Nayrb Wasylycia, has just won a national AIGA design award. The party’s this way, through the strobe lights and smoke machines and tribal trance we’re blasting.

In this issue Joe Baxter pens a future science memoir with a twist, Melanie Boeckmann calls on the congregation not to forget, Michael Flores makes a map for an inescapable future, Andrew McIntyre will dashingly conquer Poland, and Samantha Memi pokes her nose, but not too far, into the aristocracy.

Russ Paladin takes a Borgesian walk through space-time while Khoa reveals the underside of Vietnam.

Terhi contemplates the post pillars of science and of memory, while the fauna of Brasil assimilates Dan Souder.

What The Brasilia Review can do with these fetuses is literarily a miracle. —Mr. Show



Doppelganger by Joe Baxter

Sunday’s Finest by Melanie Boeckmann

Caverns by Michael Flores

An Excerpt from the Letter of King-Expectant Andrew of Poland to Queen-Possibly Sophia by Andrew McIntyre

Escape Is Futile by Samantha Memi



Perception Is the Filter between Reality and Mind by Terhi

Active Predation by Dan Souder



Lost in Translation / From Tokyo to Saigon and Back by Khoa

The Night We Met Dr. Lovecraft by Russ Paladin