ISSUE 29 – March 2021

Bom. This issue is a Portuguese extravaganza. We present herein five poets of Brazil and Portugal from the recent 19th century. On each page the works appear in English at the top, with the original Portuguese below. All translations are by the editor.

There is commonality in feeling. The stewards of this world are drenched in viral breathing. Find existence easy-going? ‘k. How bout now? Maybe something else to direct your will against? Stubbornness that sates a control issue while giving off the thrill of risk? The chance to be an early adoptee, should things work out your way? Public coughing as a power trip? The serfdom meme that no one should speak out? The deities who favor coverings be like “I told you so.”



Error by Machado de Assis

     “That frozen pendulum / That you called heart”

The Abuse of Both Sexes by José da Costa

     “the mob of vices comes to cut them down”

Rose in Bud by Faustino Fonseca Júnior

     “Because you are love’s offering”

Impromptu by Bulhão Pato

     “in my breast it’s cloaked”

The Light of Philosophy by Angelina Vidal

     “A being flung into the stupid campfire!”