In issue 24:


The Lost City Next Door by Holly Day

     “I have turned my back… from more miracles than I can count”

Do Not Ask Too Much by Paul Freidinger

     “the lot in life that explodes toward fate”

Tranquilla by Matthew James Friday

     “and the sky talks / bluely of Spring”

At the Rodeo by John Grey

     “The ride is a conflict of breaths”

The melancholy by Paweł Markiewicz

     “existence born of a spring dew”

Insupportable Haughtiness in Countenance by Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah

     “and borrowed a skin with some shades from a fairer in Spain”

The Stylist Has Taken Shelter by Frederick Pollack

     “Inadequate philosophers / came to his door”

Numbing the senses by Fabrice Poussin

     “invisible to the increasing populace”

Hit List by Aditya Shankar

     “callous eyes that watch the runaway”