In issue 23:


Cornered by Holly Day

     “There is no place left for us to hide / from the congenialities of strangers”

A Winter’s Worth of Penance by William Doreski

     “I have to eat / all of the season’s first snowfall”

Margherita Has Her Ears Pierced by Matthew James Friday

     “shrink into the dentist seat”

Horses in Möenchengladbach by TS Hidalgo

     “disasters queuing to eliminate us”

We Are Third World by Sandeep Kumar Mishra

     “They interview a petty thought repeatedly”

First on Paper by Simon Perchik

     “the way you grip this knob / then leave a room”

After Visiting the Victor Hugo House by Felix Purat

     “ethical Confucian analects leaking”

The Wrapper by Adrian Slonaker

     “The wind decided for me”

What You Missed While Napping in the Car by J.R. Solonche

     “topaz headlights squinting in the sunlight”