ISSUE 22 – November 2018

Issue 22 is 2/3 fiction. The ideas are singing. Exquisite philosophy, reporterly precision, magic realism, psychopomps, trailing tendrils, the deficient and the bullied. There is hidden humor. IRL the ego is itself a narrator. The home of all stories is brains that don’t work right.

Poetry is held up with germanium lyres, in the lyrics of three formidable da Gamas.

Darren C. Demaree has released a new book of poetry called “Bombing the Thinker.” Visit his site for more.

The Brasilia Review lives in a state of unconscious identification with the minds of its readers.



Local Loser by Lindsey Anderson

     “he could see that the house was on fire, unquestionably”

on the difficulty of freeing oneself from the network by Stephen Brockbank

     “photons falling along Lucretean curves from the stars”

An ex-marine by TS Hidalgo

     “a serpent sang below my house, and with my nasal congestion”

An Uncle’s Terrible Duty by Craig Loomis

     “Now he begins to grow his own redness”

Beneath the Cabin by John McLennon

     “Evangeline offered Herman bacon”

d20 by James Vachowski

     “shunted his player sideways through the infinite”



Emily as the Gull Lifts by Darren C. Demaree

     “a width / that can defy physics”

On Rua Luciano, Lisbon by Matthew James Friday

     “beeps get out of the way!”

Twilight by J.R. Solonche

     “It is pulled, unwilling to leave”