ISSUE 2 – September 2013

Welcome to the second issue of The Brasilia Review.

Chris Estrada breaks down the life of a folk musician in Brazil and the force of culture on him.

Meredith Caraher’s narrator has a vision in a nightclub that leads her back to her roots. Paolo Cornacchia lifts the hatch of a World War II bomber. Margaret Lesh sees the touching underside of brutality. And James Maintenance confronts a life in what it has collected.

David Rawson reminds us to try harder, while B.D. Reid faces the totality. Mason Shreve tells us what the clouds know.

Your editor delineates the pen and the performance. Designer Nayrb Wasylycia takes a swat at the sun.

The Brasilia Review is a cliff that will resist erosion.



Last Train to Eden by Meredith Caraher

194X by Paolo Cornacchia

I Married a Cage Fighter by Margaret Lesh

Attic Conversations by James Maintenance



Zé Paraíba by Chris Estrada

The Actor as Writer by Dan Souder



Aus Einem April by David Rawson

fv. by B.D. Reid

The Convenience of Living by Mason Shreve