I’ve Seen You About by Joel Schueler

I’ve seen you about,
The way you lurk and sparkle,
Back in ignominious style
Your chest of drawers a couple of spies
Charitably in your goo I dive
You know it not how drunk you were
You never did glitter in crazed sobriety,
That head that sped up to feast on me
And others in ripened sundew.
You cackle when I fall, gurgle my time, preach at dismembered feet in your dungeon,
You are back and you know it
O you are so back.

You will dance with another at my face,
You will cover in memory
Shrivel me in your urn,
Your paint is so dry, cancerous, crackling.

The drawers are awake
Open, open!
Never cease in peering out.



Schueler is from London. He has a BA (Hons.) in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. His works have been accepted in over a dozen publications including the Pennsylvania Literary Journal, The Dawntreader, Atlantean Publishing, and The Bangalore Review. He is working on his first novel.