The Monkey Jive by Charley Foster

I was an uncool Midwest bumpkin
tall and bony with buck teeth
He was a Hindu rockabilly guy
too into the American Dream stuff
We know their story cannot end well
The killer is already inside the house
and he’s proving to be one of the show’s
most controversial contestants so far
Well that opinion is wrong
The media outrage is not reflecting
what I’m seeing from normies at all
He is actually the good guy
trying to free the country from the tyranny
of MartSharting Ameriburgers
When I heard he had cancer I called him
and asked him if he was interested
in sitting down for an interview
He didn’t like the idea of living in a house
with all these people but he forces himself
to be the life of the party
even when he’s feeling dead inside
And that’s what this country is. It’s pretending
to be Jewish to date a rabbi’s daughter



Charley Foster is an English poet.