ISSUE 13 – November 2015

Hello and welcome to the 13th issue of the Brasilia Review.

In this issue, Joe Baxter rides the multi-verse while Lukas Isenhart rows the choppy river of relationships.

Dagan Bernstein smartly describes the history of the ukulele from its Portuguese origins. Jonah James Fontela has a special meal, but something may later want to join him.

J. Antioho finds a million things within a break. Arika Elizenberry spots the shadow that follows. Matthew James Friday unravels an unpleasant character. Teodor S. Jackson pens a beautiful, defiant elegy. And Jeffrey Salamone-Callahan throws light on an intense inner world.

The Brasilia Review is the late night cry that is always answered.



A puzzle, of sorts by Joe Baxter

     “In the end he left it; it would surely evaporate soon enough.”

river in a ring and guiding those lost travelers by Lukas Isenhart

     “…their curled wisps of warmth like decaying ghosts gliding over the Charles.”



The Madeiran Music Makers by Dagan Bernstein

     “According to legend when the Madeiran immigrants landed in Honolulu they kissed the ground and started playing music…”

The Fish Market by Jonah James Fontela

     “We drove up the coast with the crabs at our feet, echoing the smell of the salty fog climbing through the open window.”



Owen Wilson and the Texas Jazz Outfit by J. Antioho

     “remorse, / dusted and dusty, changing shapes”

What Happens to a Dream Deferred? by Arika Elizenberry

     “it stays trapped / like heat in carpet”

The Declaration by Matthew James Friday

     “in go-away embarrassed agreement, heads / down, trying to read”

Foregiveness of gods by Teodor S. Jackson

     “Are there no veins through which moods / course from my heart to yours”

i dreamt i was waiting by Jeffrey Salamone-Callahan

     “slits of lemoncholy light cascaded down”